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Luciano Floridi - The Fourth Information Revolution and its Ethical and Policy Implications

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About the Speech:

In his address, Professor Luciano Floridi will examine the revolution in information that has taken place since the middle of the 20th Century and its implications for a world that is becoming more digital and more data-orientated. The democratization and socialization of information that has come from technological development and innovation has increased the transparency of every aspect of life, from health to personal finance. This will impact significantly on how individuals relate to each other and to society, as the boundaries between online and offline lives blur. Professor Floridi will present his ethical framworke to deal with these challenges.

Gepubliceerd op 19 feb. 2015

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During the effectuation of a process, project or other activity recording of relevant information with its context for use and reuse in usable, findable and reliable form, contained and fixed in information objects in a way that use, management and persistence of it is verifiable ensured during the retention period that does justice to the retention interests.

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