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Translating Principles into Practices of Digital Ethics: Five Risks of Being Unethical

TitelTranslating Principles into Practices of Digital Ethics: Five Risks of Being Unethical
AuteursFloridi, L.
UitgeverPhilosophy & Technology

What are the main risks to avoid when doing ethical analysis of digital technologies, including Artificial Intelligence?

Par 7 Conclusion:

I hope this short article may work as a map for those who wish to avoid or minimise some of the most obvious and significant ethical risks, when navigating from principles to practices in digital ethics. From a Socratic perspective, a malpractice is often the result of a misjudged solution or a mistaken opportunity. Understanding as early as possible that shortcuts, postponements, or quick fixes do not lead to better ethical solutions but to more serious problems, which become increasingly difficult to solvethe later one deals with them, does not guarantee that the five malpractices analysed inthis article will disappear, but it does mean that they will be reduced insofar as they are genuinely based on misunderstanding and misjudgements. Not knowing better is the source of a lot of evil.
So, the solution is often more and better information for al

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zaterdag, 25 mei 2019 - 12:00pm