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Structuring the records continuum. Part One: Postcustodial principles and properties

TitelStructuring the records continuum. Part One: Postcustodial principles and properties
AuteursUpward, F.
Secondaire titelArchives and Manucscript
Volume24 (2)
Trefwoord(en)informatiemodel, record keeping, records continuum

The records continuum is becoming a much used term, but has seldom been defined in ways which show it is a time/space model not a life of the records model. . Dictionary definitions of a continuum describe such features as its continuity, the indescernibility of its parts, and the way its elements pass into each other. Precise definitions, accordingly, have to discern the indiscernible, identify points that are not distinct, and do so in ways which accomodate the continuity of change. This article, and a second part to be published in the next volume, will explore the continuum in time/space terms supported by a theoretical mix of archival science, postmodernity and the 'structuration theory' of Anthony Giddens. In this part the main objectives are to give greater conceptual firmness to the continuum; to clear the way for broader considerations of the nature of the continuum by freeing archivists from the need to debate custody; to show how the structural principles for archival practice are capable of different expression without losing contact with something deeper that can outlive the manner of expression


Het basisartikel over het concept van het records continuum (deel 1)

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