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Records management en Dilbert priciple

... ... The bad thing about records management is that almost everybody thinks they can un-derstand it. The problem is that since suddenly (in evolutionary terms) some deviant went and built the printing press. After that, almost no-body had control. There was only success in archiving some paper documents for reasons unknown. Since we’re digitized and we’re switching batteries in our laptop computers while streaking through the sky in shiny metal objects in which soft drinks and peanuts are served, nobody knows how to handle the huge amount of digital and digitized documents. Not even the archivist

Geert-Jan van Bussel

Geert-Jan van Bussel, Records Management; De voeten op de grond, © VBDS, Helmond, 2009. (presentatie)

Geparafaseerd van: Scott Adams, The Dilbert Principle, 1996 Principle, Boxtree, 1996.

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vrijdag, 28 januari 2011 - 11:30pm