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Philosophy of Computer Science

TitelPhilosophy of Computer Science
AuteursRapaport, W. J.
UitgeverUniversity at Buffalo, The State University of New York
Plaats uitgaveBuffalo NY

An investigation about proposed answers to the following questions:

  1. What is philosophy?
    • And, in particular, what is "the philosophy of X"
    • (where X = things like: science, psychology, history, etc.)?
  2. What is computer science?
    • To answer this, we'll need to consider questions such as: What is science? Is computer science a science? If so, what is it a science of? Is it a science of computers? What is a computer? Is it a science of computation? What is computation? Computations are said to be algorithms, so what is an algorithm? Algorithms are said to be procedures, or recipes, so what is a procedure? What is a recipe? What are Church's and Turing's "theses"? What is "hypercomputation"?
  3. What is a computer program?
    • What is the relation of a program to that which it models or simulates? What is simulation? Are programs (scientific) theories? Algorithms are said to be implemented in computer programs, so what is a computer program, and what is an implementation? What is software? Can computer programs be copyrighted, or patented? Can computer programs be verified?
  4. What is the philosophy of artificial intelligence?
    • What is AI? What is the relation of computation to cognition? Can computers think? What are the Turing Test and the Chinese Room Argument?
  5.  What is computer ethics?
    • Should we trust decisions made by computers? Should we build "intelligent" computers?
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