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Morality and Machines: Perspectives on Computer Ethics

TitelMorality and Machines: Perspectives on Computer Ethics
AuteursEdgar, S. L.
UitgeverJones and Bartlett Publishers
Plaats uitgaveSudbury, MA
ISBN Nummer076370184X 9780763701840

Morality and Machines, examines the moral issues that emerge from the influence of computers and technology on society today. The text provides an ethical foundation upon which readers can develop informed opinions about software piracy, computer crimes, artificial intelligence and more. With in-depth analysis of current moral and social problems, this text is an ideal resource for readers interested in philosophy, technological sciences, and computer ethics This book is unique in that it takes seriously the need to lay a sound ethical basis for dealing with the technology of computers. The first two chapters of the book take on various positions that challenge the possibility of ethics, and meet them head-on with counterarguments. The possibility of a viable ethics having been defended, Chapter 3 examines the most promising approaches to ethics, so that the explorer in the new realm with have appropriate tools and, if necessary, weapons at hand. At the end of the chapter, suggestions are given for approaching any ethical problem. Once armed, the adventurer is ready to investigate the various parts of the new country, described in the remaining chapters of the book.


Computer ethics: The analysis of the nature and social impact of computer technology and the corresonding formulation and justification of policies for the ethical use of such technology.

J.H. Moor (blz. 4)

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