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L'organisation de la documentation


Schema: L'organisation de la documentation, 1920

Lagenmmodel (layercake)

  1. De internationale bibliotheek (de boeken)
  2. Het universele bibliografische repertorium
  3. De documentaire encyclopedie
  4. De synthese


"In the first stage, it is important to know what has been published and to be able to say where a given text can be found. The documentary stage consists of the collection of the texts themselves, either through a central governmental library or a collective library operated by the learned societies, or through the creation of dossiers. Finally, the objective of the encyclopaedic stage is to extract the useful and essential elements from the mass of documents, eliminating repetitions and reiterations: this equates to the formation of the paragraphs and chapters of the great unique, universal book."

Extract from a letter from Henri La Fontaine to Charles Lefébure, 22 October 1909



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