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Liquidity and anchoring

Motto en logo Aldus Manutius.

The massive liquidity has to be counterbalanced by some anchoring. This reminds me of the logo of Aldus Manutius, the most famous Italian publisher and one of the founders of the modern book era. He had a logo with the anchor and a dolphin and the motto ‘Festina Lente’ which means ‘Go fast, slowly’. This logo, I think, stands for a good balance for information society. The dolphin represents liquidity, the anchor represents the necessary grounding. Because it is not just about liquidity of the digital, it is also about grounding the governance of the digital. We need a counterbalance to the excessive liquidity of our society. I think it would be a great motto and icon for the society we want to develop.



Luciano Floridi

Documents, Archives and Hyperhistorical Societies, An Interview with Luciano Floridi, Stichting Archiefpublicaties, 's Gravenhage, 2017


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donderdag, 16 november 2017 - 11:46am