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Group Privacy; New Challenges of Data Technologies

TitelGroup Privacy; New Challenges of Data Technologies
AuteursTaylor, L., Floridi L., & van der Sloot B.
Plaats uitgaveDordrecht

The goal of the book is to present the latest research on the new challenges of data technologies. It will offer an overview of the social, ethical and legal problems posed by group profiling, big data and predictive analysis and of the different approaches and methods that can be used to address them. In doing so, it will help the reader to gain a better grasp of the ethical and legal conundrums posed by group profiling. The volume first maps the current and emerging uses of new data technologies and clarifies the promises and dangers of group profiling in real life situations. It then balances this with an analysis of how far the current legal paradigm grants group rights to privacy and data protection, and discusses possible routes to addressing these problems. Finally, an afterword gathers the conclusions reached by the different authors and discuss future perspectives on regulating new data technologies.

Citation Keyref_10305
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zondag, 15 maart 2020 - 1:31pm