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Evaluating File Formats for Long-term Preservation

TitelEvaluating File Formats for Long-term Preservation
AuteursRog, J., & van Wijk C.
UitgeverKoninklijke Bibliotheek
Plaats uitgaveDen Haag

National and international publishers have been depositing digital publications at the National Library of the Netherlands (KB) since 2003. Until recently, most of these publications were deposited in the Portable Document Format. New projects, for example the web archiving project, force the KB to handle more heterogeneous material. Therefore, the KB has developed a quantifiable file format risk assessment method. This method can be used to define digital preservation strategies for specific file formats. The choice for a specific file format at creation time or later in the life cycle of a digital object influences the long-term access to the digital object. The evaluation method contains seven sustainability criteria for file formats that are weighed for importance. There seems to be consensus on the sustainability criteria. However, as the weighing of these criteria is connected to an institution’s policy, the KB wonders whether agreement on the relative importance of the criteria can be reached at all. With this paper, the KB hopes to inspire other cultural heritage institutions to define their own quantifiable file format evaluation method.


Bevat criteria voor bepalen van geschikte bestandsformaten met als thema;s:

  • Openess
  • Adoption
  • Complexitiy
  • Technical Protecion Mechanism
  • Self-documentation
  • Robustness
  • Dependencies
Citation Keyref_10285


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zondag, 19 mei 2019 - 9:10am