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Curation; The power of selection in a world of excess

TitelCuration; The power of selection in a world of excess
AuteursBhaskar, M. J.
Plaats uitgaveLondon
Trefwoord(en)appraisal, curation, selection

In the past two years humanity has produced more data than the rest of human history combined. We carry a library of data in our pockets, accessible at any second. We have more information and more goods at our disposal than we know what to do with. There is no longer any competitive advantage in creating more information. Today, value lies in curation: selecting, finding and cutting down to show what really matters.

Curation reveals how a little-used word from the world of museums became a crucial and at times controversial strategy for the twenty-first century. Today's most successful companies - Apple, Netflix, Amazon - have used curation to power their growth, by offering customers more tailored and appropriate choices.

Curation answers the question of how we can live and prosper in an age of information overload. In the context of excess, it is not only a sound business strategy, but a way to make sense of the world.

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Curation = Using acts of selecting and arranging (but also refining, reducing, displaying, simplifying, presenting and explaining) to add value

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zondag, 24 september 2017 - 11:35pm