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An activity-based costing model for long-term preservation and dissemination of digital research data: the case of DANS

TitelAn activity-based costing model for long-term preservation and dissemination of digital research data: the case of DANS
AuteursPalaiolog, A. S., Economides A. A., Tjalsma H. D., & Sesink L. B.
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UItgaveInternational Journal on Digital Libraries

Financial sustainability is an important attribute of a trusted, reliable digital repository. The authors of this paper use the case study approach to develop an activity-based costing (ABC) model. This is used for estimating the costs of preserving digital research data and identifying options for improving and sustaining relevant activities. The model is designed in the environment of the Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) institute, a well-known trusted repository. The DANS-ABC model has been tested on empirical cost data from activities performed by 51 employees in frames of over 40 different national and international projects. Costs of resources are being assigned to cost objects through activities and cost drivers. The ‘euros per dataset’ unit of costs measurement is introduced to analyse the outputs of the model. Funders, managers and other decision-making stakeholders are being provided with understandable information connected to the strategic goals of the organisation. The latter is being achieved by linking the DANS-ABC model to another widely used managerial tool—the Balanced Scorecard (BSC). The DANS-ABC model supports costing of services provided by a data archive, while the combination of the DANS-ABC with a BSC identifies areas in the digital preservation process where efficiency improvements are possible.


Kostenmodel digitaal archief

Financiële duurzaamheid is een belangrijk kenmerk van een betrouwbaar digitaal archief. De auteurs van het artikel maken gebruik van de case study benadering van een activity-based costing (ABC) model. Dit model wordt gebruikt voor het schatten van de kosten van het behoud van digitale onderzoeksgegevens en het identificeren van mogelijkheden voor het verbeteren en onderhouden van relevante activiteiten. DANS heeft model gestaan voor het ontwikkelen van het model.

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